42-4500WH Single Carb Intake Manifold
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This is our 6=8 Single Carb Intake Manifold. You will see a dramatic difference in throttle response and power when you bolt it on to your stock engine. It has oversized runners and open plenum with a water jacket to atomize air and fuel.

Find a water hoze and -T- in and out of the intake.

You will need an adaptor for your carb of choice.

08-1014 Four barrel carb. Holley or Edelbrock.

08-1013 Two barrel carb. Weber or Holley.

6=8 Intake Manifolds are not designed to bolt on without headers. They will not fit with the stock exhaust.

Keep in mind that the 6=8 Intakes flow 97% faster air speed than stock. What goes in, must come out. Headers is a must.



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42-4500WH Single Carb Intake Manifold

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