6=8 Chevy 250/292 Combination
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Chevy 250/292 Combination. Add 70% Power and Torque just bolting it on.

Parts List:

52-0011 Dual Headers w/Stud Kit

42-4501WH High Velosity Intake Manifold w/Brass water fittings

08-7038-K Weber Carb Kit set up and ready to bolt on

08-5084 Redline Fuel Regulator set at 3 lbs.

Redline Jet Pak 

08-7116 Throttle Lever Kit (Linkage) 

08-7084 Redline Air Cleaner, Filter & Chrome Housing

08-1013 Clifford 6-8 Weber Adaptor Kit. Gaskets, carb studs & nuts & bolts.

We are rated very high in customer tech support for your 6=8 Combination. With 40 + years serving Inline enthusiasts like you!

 RUN 2.25 pipes w/Magnaflow (3) Chamber Mufflers and 18" minimum after to the turn downs.


*NO RETURNS ON CARBS, NEW OR USED. If you have a problem and I can't fix it, i will have you send it to Redline to be repaired or you get a new one..



  • Item #: 6=8C250

6=8 Chevy 250/292 Combination

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